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Do you know our indicators for TradingView?


An easy to interpret indicator, very good at detecting possibilities of entry into bullish trends and detecting the end of this trend
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkColored areas of interest
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluded with 7 presets in EP Indicators Pack #1


A very interesting variation of the well-known indicator. It allows you to simultaneously interpret short- and long-term trends, marking the entry and exit zones.
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkEasy to interpret colors
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluded in EP Indicators Pack #1


Oscillator that shows the trend in a simple way at all times
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkEasy to interpret
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluded in EP Indicators Pack #1


It uses short and long-term averages, using signals from other of our indicators to show the situation of the asset with its colored background.
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkEasy to interpret colors
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluded in EP Indicators Pack #1


A curious indicator, it generates two bands of averages, one short and one long, in addition to other much longer averages.
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkMore complex interpretation. See manual
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluded in EP Indicators Pack #1


It is an indicator that shows a single average, with only two colors (green or red). The changes in color and the position of the average give us the signals for trading.

In the version included in EP Indicators Pack #1, interactions between different average lengths can be configured, allowing even clearer signals to be given.
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkVery simple interpretation
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluded in EP Indicators Pack #1, with 4 presets and interactions between them


Indicador tipo oscilador, especialmente útil detectando entradas tras una caída de precio.
  • qxio-checkmarkConfigurable
  • qxio-checkmarkFácil de interpretar
  • qxio-checkmarkIncluído en EP Indicators Pack #1

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Use them alone or together with your favorite indicators, analyze your graphs from a different perspective, improve your decision making.

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Advanced indicators for your trading.
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